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Welcome back to yet another edition of the Encounter, a column that profiles people’s achievement and experiences. In today’s editions of the Encounter we bring you a chat with an experience journalist who have spend 18years as a broadcaster at the National Radio (GRTS).  So read to find out who she might be…
Can you please introduce yourself to our dear readers?
H.B- my name is Haddy Badjie know as Chepeh Badjie born in Banjul. I am working at the Gambia Radio and Television Services and now I am the Managing editor. I stay at Pipeline.
Tell us about your educational background?
H.B- well, I start my primary education at Albion Primary School then proceeded to Muslim High School in 1987 to 1992 where I got my O’ levels later went to Gambia High School in 1992 to 1994 where I did my A’ levels from there that was in 1994 immediately after my A’ levels I join the Gambia Radio and Television Services as an announcer and I rose through the ranks. In 1995 join the St Mary’s University through the extension programme and had my Bachelors (BA) degree in English language. I also did a lot of trainings and short courses at Cairo institute of Mass Com in 2000, also in Malaysia later did my advance professional certificate in 2004.
Tell us about your relationship status.
H.B- yes I am happily married and blessed with two beautiful children. Ida and Omar
Tell us when you were young who was your mentor?
H.B- I will say it is my father because I think many people in Gambia here when you talk about the late Kama Badjie what goes to once mind is education, he had contributed a lot today in the education of the country. For me I have no other mentor than my father, he was such a wonderful man with a good characteristic, qualities which I wishes to have, he was a patriotic citizen that love his country.
When was your biggest achievement?
H.B- that is very hard to say but only thing I will single out is that though am striving still to get my masters degree I will say it is when I got my bachelor degree because all a long it was my dream to stay law at “Fobay college I had acceptance but then things where wrong somewhere, so I decided to enroll at the University extension program through St Mary’s University like I do tell people am very proud to be among the pioneers of the University of the Gambia. My biggest achievement I will say will be when I got my bachelor degree.
What motivated you to become a journalist?
H.B well, for me it was purely by accident as I explain early. It has never been my intension to do journalism or been on the four corners of a studio reading news or writing news items. It came by accident because from the six forms straight to the news room which was an opportunity which I myself to be honestly don’t know where it came from definitely I have never wanted to stay in the profession but I have been there for 18years now so am in love with the profession now and there is no way of going back.
Can you please tell us about your job experiences?
H.B- well, I started broadcasting in 1995, as an announcer later promoted to Assistant producers then senior producer, principal producers and now managing editor. So my work basically apart from news presentation it takes a lot of editing because I did edit the news at the radio from Mondays to Fridays even on public holidays I do go to work. Yes I only spend my work at radio Gambia but do have contracts when others want documentary they call me into to do the voicing. I have never worked at any other radio apart from Radio Gambia. Yes, its true that other radio like Sud F.M when they started operating  their  managing director at that time Sulayman Mboom call my attention to join his radio but because of my father been very strick I just could not make a decision but to ask him go see with my dad and talk to him wheather he will approve my going to Sud F.M because at that time I value my father’s advice very much whatever he does was for my own very interest so when Mr Mboom ad the decease Mr Jack Njie came to my father and he said no I should stay with the national broadcaster until something came up and than I agree whole heartedly knowing very well that any decision that my father would make is for my own good and I have not regret it.
What are some of the challenges you have succeed in life?
H.B – it is a difficult question but then I want to say a major challenge that which I encounter is out of my family. When I say my family that means my children because they mean the world to me, so when I had my last born that is Omar in 2010 but you know he was injured during birth he had what is call breaking palsy he couldn’t move his hand and couldn’t do anything with his right hand . I consider that as a challenge but as a mother you know there is no way of going back he has no other person more than me we have gone to other countries for treatment but still it has not help but hopefully can over come it. I am very careful when ever I come across challenges.
Does your child welfare affect your work?
H.B yes it does, I do have problems of course with my work. I remember a day whne I want to work and left him there he got bond that too brought problems for me at work, I do face a lot of challenges when it comes to my family and work but I will always say these I feel I don’t own obligation to anybody more than my family for me, my family always come first they second to none they just number for a reason.
You were born on same day with people but today you more successful what is the secret?
H.B it hard work, determination but I believe it all came from God for me I fell like I have not achieve anything yet because it is also among my dreams to try and have my master even if possible PHD.
It is difficult for people to answer this question on my encounters, if I may ask madam how old are you?
H.B hahahatai I am forty years old.
Your proudest moment?
H.B- I feel proud when I get feed back from people after reading the news at the Gambia Radio and Television Service (GRTS) I feel very proud because I know people appreciates my services and for me even if I have to fail a single news item which is less than a minute I do receive a lot of feedback from the public so it is like my services are been appreciate for me despite the challenge I faced at work the public been out there appreciating my service gives me more vigor  to concentrate on my career as a journalist and also a news presenter.
How do you feel when young people look upon you as a mentor?
H.B- I will always feel proud but what I always tell children especially young stars I will tell them to be educated because it is very important and it give empowerment with education and Allah’s guides one will achieve his or her dreams. Well I feel very proud honor and happy.
Tell us your happiest moment?
H.B- my happiest moment was when my son was born Omar because I was in need of a boy child and I am very proud of him.
Can you explain how did you join GRTS?
H.B – it was my friends who saw the advert on the newspapers and they contacted me. It was three of my friends, we all applied but I succeeded so for me been in the media has opened a lot of doors for me because it has enabled me to travel far and near in such places like United Stats, Egypt, Ghana and a lot it is a big surprise for me been in the media always wanted to be a lawyer but here I am 18years on am still a broadcaster.
18years is not 18days how will your describe the journey
H.B- well, I has not been a very easy will say because you do faces a lot of ups and down at times things are very bright and sometimes very dark. I had it roof but at times very smooth.
You did mention joining the radio just after high school how was it like between you and your parents?
H.B- my parents were very supportive because my dad when it comes to national duties its always a priority my parents never complain with the lateness
Tell us your hobbies?
H.B- basically I like watching news channels, love to cook and spend time with my family.
Final words
H.B- just having to thank you for the interview and encourage you to keep up the momentum.
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